Solar batteries

Discover AES Rackmount 48v LFP

$2,000 Non-Heated Modual
$2,100 Heated Module
  • The AES RACKMOUNT Energy Storage System performs reliably, installs quickly and configures easily for Off-Grid Solar, Whole-Home Backup Power and Microgrids.
  • Stack up to six RACKMOUNT Battery Modules with the Quick Stack Rack and parallel them with a single RACKMOUNT Battery Combiner in under 40 minutes.
  • Or install up to six RACKMOUNT Battery Modules in a RACKMOUNT Slimline Enclosure in under 40 minutes for outdoor use.
  • The Slimline Enclosure with RACKMOUNT Battery Modules installed is UL9540 DC ESS certified, enabling permitting throughout North America.
  • Dramatically elevate battery charging performance by networking up to thirty-six RACKMOUNT Battery Modules in closed-loop communication with industry-leading low-voltage hybrid inverters.
  • Lynk connectivity with relays available
  • Indoor and outdoor cabinet options
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Category: Solar batteries
Brand: Discover Energy Systems

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