12V Package (Example)


12v power suitable for a small cabin or trailer with 30a of solar charging and an integrated auto generator start feature. Also includes a 30a dump load for wiring your 12v needs with no additional connections to the battery. BOS includes solar panel mounting brackets, 25’ MC4 solar wire extensions, battery cables, and a watertight penetration.

*Add an Air40 wind turbine, 27’ tower kit, breaker, and pre-wired control box for $2700

MNS KID Kit with 12v circuit

Solar panel (1)

Balance of system

Add $400 for a generator to battery charger

12v power only as specified, options for 120v

12v battery not included

Note: Price is approximate only. This is an example package not available for online ordering.

Call or text (907) 854-7136 to order.