Let’s talk solar charge controllers.

There are so many options when selecting and inverter for your project. A few important considerations beyond performance and cost are simplicity, tech support, and warranty. These all impact your project installation and system service life costs. Here’s our list of recommended products:

SMA America solar and renewable energy equipmentSMA America: 3.0 – 7.7 KW grid-tied string inverters. Exceptional value and robust capability. Use IronRidge panel mounting solutions for a fast install. Secure power plug proves electricity when the grid is down and the sun is shining.

Sol-Ark inverter-chargers and equipment available in Eagle River, AlaskaSol-Ark: 48v 5-12K hybrid inverters for battery backup for on or off-grid applications. Amazing versatility off the shelf. All breakers internal to unit to speed installation. Solar, battery, and generator smart management for grid-like 240v power when off-grid. Pairs with the Kilovault HAB battery.

Midnite Solar inverter-chargers and equipment available in Eagle River, AlaskaMidNite Solar: Full suite of sturdy off-grid charger and inverter options and off-grid breakers and panels to make your installation clean and safe. 12, 24 and 48v options. MNS is a clear industry leader with decades of service.

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