adjustable ground/roof mount solar panels

Adjustable Ground/Roof Mount


The Ground/Roof Mount can support installations in a wide range of locations. Quantities of panels supported vary by panel widths. Great for use in off-grid applications and on flat roof structures.

  • Accommodates modules with rear mounting holes on frames
  • Available in two rail lengths: 90-inches or 130-inches
  • Mount 2-3 large modules with widths less than 43-inches
  • Suitable for smaller modules – total width of modules + 1/2-inch spaces between each module must equal less than mounting rail length
  • Telescoping back legs can be adjusted for tilt angle of 20 to 60-degrees from horizontal
  • Single tool installation
  • No need to source additional pipe, everything above the footing bolts is included
  • Optional intertie kit allows for joining multiple mounts together to create a single array
  • Stamped engineering not available for this product.

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Category: Solar panels
Brand: Tamarack Solar Products
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